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Selective Startup

This application starts another application, but only on the days you have specified.
You can supply arguments for the application you want to start.

Consider the following scenario:
You have an application that is work related. You may only want to start that application on work days.
On the other hand, maybe you have entertainment related applications you want to run in your spare time,
for instance during the weekend.


SelectiveStartup v1.01 (32-bit)
Size = 58351 bytes
CRC-32 = c39ab4e3
MD5 = 1e5dddc8c1d5130acbd821324b195906
SHA2-256 = fb01786b33b7fbbf187f6168e3e34a8df9c7af5986a2c81b9173c7abae8a283e

SelectiveStartup v1.01 (64-bit)
Size = 63157 bytes
CRC-32 = 3b80c69a
MD5 = 2d7eb1266dd07211a4bcf37e65b9bfda
SHA2-256 = 94900dcb8a245345f63bb846abb6ac8805ae283fda90d51426d2a36b8ec5081f

Version history

v1.01 (27-Jun-2020)
- Added support for Weekdays and Weekend parameters.

v1.00 (13-Jun-2020)
- Initial release.


SelectiveStartup  [-Monday]  [-Tuesday]  [-Wednesday]  [-Thursday]  [-Friday]  [-Saturday]  [-Sunday]  [-Weekdays]  [-Weekend]  APPLICATION_PATH  <[ARGUMENTS]>


Start the application on the specified day(s). You must supply one or more day(s).
The parameters must come before the APPLICATION_PATH and it ARGUMENTS.
-Weekdays is Monday through Friday.
-Weekend is Saturday through Sunday.

The path to the application.
This can be any type of executable file you want (for instance *.exe *.com *.bat).
This parameter is mandatory and must come after the days and must come before ARGUMENTS.

The arguments that will be passed to the application
You don't have to supply any arguments if they are not required.
On the other hand, you can have multiple arguments if needed.
The parameters must come after the APPLICATION_PATH.


SelectiveStartup  -Monday  -Tuesday  -Wednesday  -Thursday  -Friday  "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\WinWord.exe"  "D:\Work\Tender draft.docx"

SelectiveStartup  -Weekdays  "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\WinWord.exe"  "D:\Work\Tender draft.docx"

SelectiveStartup  -Saturday  -Sunday  C:\Entertainment\MusicPlayer.exe  "C:\Songs\New Albums"  -volume=50  -randomshuffle