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Integrity Check

This application checks whether files have changed compared to checksums in an input file.
The output file contains the SHA3-512 hashes, the file lengths and the file names.
The input and output files are CSV files that can be opened with any application that supports this
format like Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Open Office, and any text editor.

Consider the following scenario:
You make backups of your precious data, but are you sure that the backups are still valid over time?
Maybe your data has corrupted over time because of it being on an old harddisk. Now you can actually
check to make sure that the backup and the live data are still identical.


IntegrityCheck v1.01 (32-bit)
Size = 474364 bytes
CRC-32 = 2d4c8086
MD5 = dd1a24c17fa8989271a2a3521a844a70
SHA2-256 = 0ff473376939b34e4b26945eab6ae8d18a6c862bbd18f191a6fb083a7c4dc855

IntegrityCheck v1.01 (64-bit)
Size = 497078 bytes
CRC-32 = 4bd85cc6
MD5 = 34f686db5f51b6413ab2a821ec6eca7e
SHA2-256 = da3a5ab2b37581f84dc224e3fb2ffd2810f477803d99ceb005b17259ff34562e

Version history

v1.01 (05-Nov-2014)
- Only files in the specified paths are taken into account to avoid incorrect deleted/new file warnings for files not in the path.
- There was a bug when showing double files where files would be shown multiple times instead of only once.

v1.00 (12-Sep-2014)
- Initial release.


IntegrityCheck [-inputfile] [-outputfile] [-subdirs] [-showchanged] [-showdeleted] [-showdouble] [-shownew] <[FILE]> <[DIR]>


The file that contains previously calculated hashes.
If you don't specify an input file then the files will be hashed, but no comparison will be made.

The file that will contain the (newly) calculated hashes.
This can be the same as the input file, but then the file will be overwritten. If you don't specify an output file
then the output will go to the console.

Go into sub-directories and do all the files and (sub-)directories

Show the newly calculated files that are also in the input file, but have different hashes.
This option requires an input file.

Show the files that are in the input file, but are not among the newly hashed files.
This option requires an input file.

Show the double files (only looks at newly hashed files).

Show the newly hashed files that are not in the input file.
This option requires an input file.

One (or multiple) file name(s) for which to calculate the hash.

One (or multiple) directories for which to calculate the hash


IntegrityCheck -outputfile="E:\Storage\Checksums 2014-09-12.csv" -subdirs C:\

IntegrityCheck -inputfile="E:\Storage\Checksums 2014-08-01.csv" -outputfile="E:\Storage\Checksums 2014-09-12.csv" -subdirs -showchanged C:\

IntegrityCheck -inputfile=Checksum_test.csv -showdeleted -shownew -showdouble "D:\Backup photos\*.jpg" E:\*.exe

IntegrityCheck -showdouble "C:\My photos\*.jpg"