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Extract Resources

This command-line application allows you to extract resources from files.
This could for instance be used to extract resources from PDF files, executable files,
or data files from games and applications.

Because I'm trying to prevent missing resources (i.e., false negatives) not every extracted
resource may actually be valid (i.e., false positive).


ExtractResources v1.02 (32-bit)
Size = 56863 bytes
CRC-32 = d5f2796d
MD5 = 5bafbf1f5c2fc44385c1a21356d563f7
SHA2-256 = 5eabdb91c48a9c63709768962786dbdcf520c18f3a9e460739eeda40faa6a01c

ExtractResources v1.02 (64-bit)
Size = 61809 bytes
CRC-32 = 34377417
MD5 = d4a2b0e7b8aed8cb4ae976d2340a3cf2
SHA2-256 = c4211f43c20b95096da3fd728602663680d0abce2e073c9a69963cbc6abd9ee8

Version history

v1.03 (02-Jan-2014)
- Added support for GIF.
- A summary of the total amount of extracted resources will be shown after completion.
- Changed the naming of the extracted resources to make sure you know from which file they originated.
- Did stricter checking on BMP files to reduce the amount of false positives.

v1.02 (01-Jan-2014)
- Added support for BMP.
- Files are now only loaded once into memory regardless of the amount of chosen resource formats.
- Fixed an infinite loop when encountering a TEM or RST segment in JPG files.

v1.01 (30-Dec-2013)
- Added support for PNG.
- Fixed memory leak.

v1.00 (21-Dec-2013)
- Initial implementation.
- Only JPG is currently supported.


ExtractResources <-extract> [-subdirs] [-verbosity] <[FILE]> <[DIR]>


The resource type to extract. This parameter can be used multiple times.
Must be one of the following:
ALL Extract all resource types

Go into sub-directories and do all the files and (sub-)directories

The output verbosity:
1 Quiet Show nothing
2 Normal Show the file name(s)
3 Verbose show the file name(s) and the extracted resources (default)

One (or multiple) file name(s) for which to extract resources

One (or multiple) directories for which to extract resources


ExtractResources -extract=ALL "C:\Temp" "D:\My Files\File 1.exe" "D:\My Files\File 2.bin"

ExtractResources -subdirs -verbosity=2 -extract=JPG "C:\Temp\*.dat" "C:\My Files\File 1.exe"

ExtractResources -extract=JPG -extract=PNG *.exe