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Rubik's cube solving

This page explains how to solve a 3x3x3 cube.

This cube is the most famous of the cubes and has a total of 3 x 3 = 9 faces per side. Each side
is made up of 1 center, 4 edges, and 4 corners. With 6 sides this makes for 6 centers, 24 edges,
and 24 corners, for a grand total of 54 faces. Each center is alone, each edge is paired with 1
other edge, and each corner is paired with 2 other corners. This makes for a grand total of
6 + 12 + 8 = 26 blocks.

The pictures show you how to go about solving the cube. Make sure you always have the exact
correct orientation or the supplied moves will not work properly. None of the moves require you
to change the position or orientation of the cube once you start a sequence.

Remember to first check the general instructions page if you're new to my solutions.

Steps to solve the 3x3x3 cube

Do the 4 top edges Step 1a
Step 1b
F'  T'  R
Step 1c
Do 3 of the 4 top corners Step 2a
F  D'  F'
Step 2b
R'  D  R
Step 2c
R'  D2  R  D'  R'  D  R
Step 2d
Turn the cube upside down and use the incorrect corner cube to do 3 of the 4 center edges Step 3a
F'  U  F
Step 3b
R  U'  R'
Step 3c
Do 3 of the 4 top edges Step 4a
U  F'  U'  F
Step 4b
Do the 4th top edge and 4th center edge Step 5a
U'  F'  U'  F  U'  F'  U'  F  U'
Step 5b
R  U'  R'  U  F'  U  F  U'
Step 5c
Put the remaining corners in the correct spot (orientation is not important) Step 06a
L'  D2  L
<choose next U corner>
L'  D2  L
Step 06a
Put a clockwise corner in the left top and a counterclockwise corner in the right top Step 07a
L'  D2  L  F'  D2  F
 F'  D2  F  L'  D2  L  U'
Step 07b